Don't put AdSense on your blog

DON'T PUT ADSENSE ON YOUR BLOG specially if your blog is new. As you see it, I did not even put an AdSense on this blog... Okey, I'd lied... Actually, I did, I put AdSense on this blog but also had it removed as fast as I can after I know what's going on. But you can't blame me, I'm a newbie blogger and I can't wait to Money-tise and make money grows online!

The truth is, after I've posted my first entry I immediately sign up for Google AdSense and waiting for their response for a couple of days. I'm so excited, and as soon as they give me the link of the ad via email, I place the ad on this blog for like a week, hoping for a quick money.

But my excitement turned into dismay, because the ads that shown on my blog are mostly PSA or Public Service Ads. Don't get me wrong, PSAs are also from Google AdSense but the problem is you can not money-tise nor make money grows online with this kind of advertisement. They are non-profit organization ads that are served to pages when targeted ads are not available or the Google crawlers are unable to gather nor access the content from my new page/blog.

Also other reason why I got the PSAs because I don't have enough content on my blog, not only contents but "Quality Contents" according to the blog experts. They also wrote that it is a big NO, NO to put AdSense on your newly setup blog. You have to write a lot of contents particularly on your niche or topic. Visit some blogs with the same niche/topic of yours and leave some comment, but be sure that your comments are relevant to the topic that you've been commented, so that they will not block your comment and think that you're a spammer. You can also register on any well-known forums, post good topics, enter some discussion and answer some question, means you have to be known and don't forget to put your name and URL on your signature.

There's no easy way to get crawled by the Google bots and get indexed, you have to built inbound links and starting getting a lot of traffic, it also means you have to make lots of online friends and acquaintances. Then, wait for a month or three or even a year to get indexed by Google and rank your page(PR) for your keyword (your topic). Then, that's the right time to put an AdSense on your blog to moneytise and learn how that money grows online.

Happy blogging!

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