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BLOGGING TIPS FOR NEWBIE BLOGGER. As of writing this post, this blog is not yet celebrates its one month anniversary since my first entry - Newbie Blogger Money-tise Online last 19 of March 2009. So basically, this blog is barely a month. Whew! I didn't know that blogging to earn quick money is tough and tiring for a newbie blogger like me (as a matter of fact, I lose weight for lack of sleep), specially that my daily job is from 9 to 5. But I think I can survive for months maybe a year, I'm crossing my finger!

As you see here, I set up this blog by using a FREE blog hosting website, none other than Blogger itself. I know there are plenty of free blog hosting websites out there with good looking blog templates on it, but I choose Blogger. Maybe you ask, why Blogger? My answer is simple, because it's so easy to set-up and there's no need to be a geek or a CSS and HTML expert to set-up a blog like this. Not to mention, it has plenty of template to choose to, just kidding! - it's not really that plenty unlike the WordPress, but hey, they are fine and most important of all, is that you can put up a Google Adsense on it and Money-tise online.

>> Think Of Your Unique Blog Address (URL)

This is important because this is the main address of your blog. A URL or Uniform Resource Locator can be thought of as the address of a web page and is sometimes referred to informally as a web address. ex:

Here's another, if you like fish or fishing and you live in a tropical area, you can put as your address ( is already taken). Also remember that before you choose your blog's name, think of what you want to blog. Assuming that you like fish, so all of your topic or posting must be related to Fish, types of Fish, Fish tanks, aquarium Fish, Fish supplies, Fish recipes, Fishing, Fish games, Fish pictures, Fish curry, Fisc price, Fish market... basically all about Fish. Same as If you like Gardening, then most of your topic should be about gardening stuff, plants, fertilizer, etc. This is what the big guys called niche blogging.

>> Selecting The Right Theme

The theme is already there, all you have to do is to pick which one you like best. I preferred the Minima theme which is the one same as this blog. Later you can tweak or change the color of your fonts and background or adjust the fonts size. And you can also add widgets, if you want to make your site more interesting and fun to your readers.

>> Now Get Ready to Blog

Pick a topic and stick to it. Most if not all, your blog postings should be related to the topic/niche you choose,in this case - Money-tise online. But sometimes you can also post some offbeat topic to break the redundancy and to attract a lot of attention, but don't make this often, so that your readers will not confuse about what really your niche is. Maybe you can post a video that you like from Youtube or post some funny picture. And if you have a lot of free time, then you can plan on what's your next day or next week's blog entry so that you never run-out of content and also your readers keep coming back, knowing that you're always updating your blog. Last but not the least, visit and subscribe to other blogs with related topic of yours and don't forget to leave some comments.

Happy Blogging!

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