To Make Money Online You Need To Optimize Your Keywords

To most bloggers, optimized keywords is the key to make money online.

What's a Keyword?

KEYWORD(s)is a word(s) used by a search engine in its search for relevant web pages on the internet. And a keyword search gives you the ability to search profiles for specific words or phrases. It also means that the "word" that you been type on search/query is the "KEY" to find what you are looking for.

Any blogger or web publisher who want to make money online but did not optimize his keyword(s) correctly had less visibility in any search engine results page, nor his site/blog is visible at all.

In less than two months and only have 5 postings, this Blogspot blog landed in the first page of Google with optimized and unique keyword "Moneytise Online". I'm a newbie not a SEO expert, all I did was follow some tip and tutorials that I read on the net and try to apply on this make money online blog.

But it has different situation with Yahoo search and MSN's new bing. It seems that Y! didn't like my blog because I cannot find this blog anywhere with the keyword above, I'm not sure though, but maybe Y! wants me to post more contents and wait for a month or two. But on MSN's bing, this blog got indexed on page 7 with same keyword above - - not bad.

Moreover, you can use this 2 different keyword tools to help you get a new keyword idea for your next posting - Keyword Tool or you can use the Wordtracker.

The Three Classified Keywords Categories

The Single Word Keyword
The Single word keyword also known as the generic keyword(s), a single keyword that targets the general audience which is the most traffic but highly competitive category of sites. Every web publisher/ bloggers dream to be landed on the first page and number one. ex: Money

The Multiple Word Keyword
The Multiple word keyword also known as the specific keyword(s) are used to target specific audience, the kind of audience that leads to high sale. Every site publisher or blogger do whatever search optimization on their keywords just to make sure that it will landed on top position in search engine result listings.

Top position sites/blogs had the advantage in page ranking positions. Multiple Word Keyword(s) are location specific and related to geo-graphic area of your intended services or products. ex: Money Online

Keyword Themes (Long-tailed Keywords)
Keyword Themes also known as the Conceptual keyword(s) or Long-tailed keyword(s) are used to target highly targeted audience, which leads to quick high sale, top position in search engine listings.

This category of keyword(s) are consists of all possible primary Keywords related to the web site therefore attracts high traffic of targeted audience. Keyword theme is very important and make sure that the content and tagging of your site/blog will be closely related to the keyword theme chosen. ex: How to Make Money Online

If the keyword theme of your site/blog is chosen correctly, then your site/blog will get the most out of the organic or natural listings of search engines.

Some Tips on How to Use Keyword on your Blog;

- Use keyword in your URL.

- Use keyword in your blog title.

- Use keyword in your post title.

Choosing the right keywords and content optimization is also a big help in increasing online traffic. The more traffic your blog/site, the more possibility to money-tise and make money online.


Jehzeel Laurente June 27, 2009 at 4:21 PM  

kamusta na? ginamit mo na ba hosting mo? wooot.. hehehe...

ariston July 2, 2009 at 2:54 AM  

hi master Jehz,
Ginamit ko na dito>> pero kinakapa ko pa kung paano kse minsan nagkakaroon pa rin ng error, next week siguro pag medyo smooth na lalagyan ko na ng blogroll at syempre #1 ka dun.. heheheh

Salamat nga pala sa pagdalaw! :)

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