3 Basic Guides to Money-tise Online

AFTER browsing and reading some related websites on how to make money online, I found out that there are 3 basic guides to money-tise online. Either you have to apply all of them or you have choose just one. But as of this posting, I am not applying any of them on this blog. Not yet, but I already had an AdSense account. So, here's the list;

1. Ads

2. Affiliate Marketing

3. Products/Services

If you had a good content on your blog and it creates a lot of traffic, then there’s a big possibility that visitors on your blog are also clicking on the advertisement (pay-per-click ads from Adsense / Bidvertiser) specially if the ads is related on your posting and that is what the visitor wants. If that happens then that’s the time that you can money-tise and earn quick money from Google Adsense or Bidvertiser. But first you have to sign up an account on either Adsense or Bidvertiser or on both of them.

Affiliate Marketing:
Sign up with an affiliate program on any bigger company or sites that allowed affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is like selling other people’s stuff or some site that sells e-books, cameras or any digital products. If the visitors purchase a product on your site, then they will pay your commissions. Ex. Amazon, Clickbank

Start your online business. Like selling your own product or services thru the web. Or if you are a web designer, then create websites and blog templates and then you can sell it for a quick money or just ask any donations if they want to use your design. Same goes on graphic designers / artists / inventors / netpreneurs and the lists goes on. Ex. threadless, cafepress


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